Payment Methods


We accept a variety of safe and convenient payment methods for you to check out securely: Visa, MasterCard American Express, and PayPal payments. All our transactions are protected and encrypted.

PayPal Payment

Paying with PayPal, you can enjoy a safe and secure, fast and easy payment process in our online store.

Step 1: Log in to our online store

Step 2: Fill in the shipping information and select PayPal.

Step 3: Fill in the account information and log in, then complete the payment.

Credit Card Payment

Pay by credit card, our online store supports credit cards issued by Master Card, Visa and American Express.
Step 1: Log in to our online store

Step 2: Select a credit card and fill in the credit card information.

Step 3: Click"Pay now",then complete the payment.


When you decide to pay with a credit card, you will need the following information to make a secure payment: the name on the card, the card number, the month and year the card expires, and a numeric security code.

PowerUrus does not save the credit/debit card number and personal information you enter in the payment fields when making a payment. For questions regarding card transactions, please contact the bank that issued your credit/debit card.

If you pay by credit card, our system may decline your payment at checkout to prevent possible credit card fraud. It's a good idea to call your credit card company or bank ahead of time to let them know about the purchase to avoid being declined.

If your payment by credit card fails multiple times, we will send you an email reminder to confirm whether the order is correct. Please don't worry, this is just to ensure the safety of your property.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at