PowerUrus 29.2V-15A P085MI LiFePO4 Battery charger

PowerUrus 29.2V-15A P085MI LiFePO4 Battery charger
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PowerUrus 29.2V-15A P085MI LiFePO4 Battery charger

PowerUrus 29.2V-15A P085MI LiFePO4 Battery charger

$180.00 $120.00

PowerUrus 29.2V-15A P085MI LiFePO4 Battery charger

$180.00 $120.00

PowerUrus 29.2V-15A P085MI LiFePO4 Battery charger

PowerUrus knows well that fast delivery is a key factor for clients to compete in the market. We have always attached great importance to quick delivery as much as we do in the quality control of our lithium battery.

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 Model S12200A
 Nominal Voltage 12V
 Capacity 200 Ah, 2560Wh
 Life Cycles >3500 @ 70% DOD
 BMS Board Yes (Internal)
 BMS Rating 200A BMS
 Mechanical Performance  
 Cell Type Grade A LiFePO4 Cells (Prismatic Cell)
 Number of Cells 8
 Terminal M8*12mm (L)
 Weight 63lb (28.5kg)
 Dimensions 20.66in x 9.57in x 8.72in
  (524.8mm x243mm x 221.5 mm)
 Waterproof Rating IP65
 Charge Performance  
 Max Charge Current 200A
 Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4V-14.6V
  *Please use the LiFeP04 battery charger
 Maximum Batteries in   Serious 4 (get higher voltage to 24V, 36V, 48V)
 Maximum Configuration 4S1P/1S4P/2S2P
 Discharge Performance  
 Max Discharge Current 250A
 Recommended Discharge     Voltage 10.8V-12.4V
 Max Depth of Discharge   (DoD) 100%
 Temperature Performance  
 Operating Temperature   (Charge) 0℃~55℃ (32℉~131℉)
 Operating   Temperature (Discharge) -20℃~55℃ (-4℉~140℉)
 Operating Temperature   (Storage) -20℃~55℃ (-4℉~140℉)

Question: Why can't my cellphone find the battery's Bluetooth?

Answer: The battery Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 4.0, please check the compatibility with your cellphone. If possible, please change to another cellphone for a try.

Question: Why can't my phone be connected to the battery's Bluetooth?

Answer: Firstly, we recommend the connection distance between the battery and the cellphone should be within 5 meters upon the initial connection test. If the Bluetooth cannot be found or connected, we suggest uninstalling the current "RoyPow Fish" APP and downloading it again from the APP store. Next, reinstall it and release all the required permissions for the "RoyPow Fish" APP. Lastly, make sure to turn on the cellphone's Bluetooth, and start the APP to reconnect it.


Question: How can I get the device binding code set up?

Answer: The device binding code is only used for maintenance by the manufacturer, and the user can ignore this device binding code, if it appears when connecting the battery, please click "Skip" it to the next.

Question: Why can't I turn on the Wi-Fi in the APP?

Answer: If the connected PowerUrus battery is not a Wi-Fi version, the Wi-Fi in the APP will be disabled.

Question: Why is the battery's voltage too low at the first use?

Answer: Due to the logistics restriction, the battery only has 25~30% SOC before leaving the factory, we suggest recharging the battery completely before use, and the battery's voltage will become normal.

Question: Why does the battery SOC in the APP seem inaccurate?

Answer: If you just received the new battery or the battery hasn't been recharged for a long time, the battery SOC in the APP might be inaccurate, the SOC will be accurate after a circle of full charge and discharge.

Question: How many PowerUrus batteries can be connected in series or parallel?

Answer: The Maximum PowerUrus batteries can be up to 4 in series (48V Battery System) or 4 in parallel (12V Battery System). Please contact us first if you require PowerUrus batteries to be connected both in series and parallel.

Question: What gauge of cable should I need for my battery system?

Answer: As the cable size is affected by the cable length, cable current, the inverter power rating, and something else, so you have to check the total power consumption of the total electricity system and the operating voltage of the battery system (e.g. 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V battery system) first, and then you can roughly calculate the current in the battery system. Lastly, refer to the "Cable Sizing" chart in the "Welcome Guide" to select the corresponding cable gauge. You also can consult us for more advice on cable sizing.

Question: What's the PowerUrus batteries difference between the Standard Version and the Preheat Version?

Answer: The Standard Version has low-temperature charge protection and doesn't allow to be charged below 0℃, while the Preheat Version has a battery preheating function and allows to be charged below 0℃ without damaging the battery. They apply to different use scenarios.

Question: Can standard batteries be connected in series and parallel with Preheat batteries?

Answer: Not recommended. In case of severe cold weather below 0°C, the Preheat model can be charged while the standard model cannot be charged. If the two batteries are connected in series or parallel, the battery system will work abnormally.

Question: How does the Preheat battery work?

Answer: If the battery cell temperature is already below 0°C when charging the battery, after connecting to the charger, the charger will prioritize heating the battery to 16°C before charging the battery. If the battery cell temperature drops to 3°C again during the charging process, the charger will stop charging the battery and heat up the battery cell again until the cell temperature reaches 16°C, then the charger will charge the battery cell again. The cycle is repeated!

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