PowerUrus 12V 200AH LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

Excellent Bluetooth Function Compared with the traditional battery monitor, the PowerUrus battery has added Bluetooth function and...
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PowerUrus 12V 200AH LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

PowerUrus 12V 200AH LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

$750.00 $590.00

PowerUrus 12V 200AH LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

$750.00 $590.00

Excellent Bluetooth Function

Compared with the traditional battery monitor, the PowerUrus battery has added Bluetooth function and can obtain various data from the lithium iron phosphate battery. Customers can connect to the battery through the RoyPow Fish APP, and read the battery voltage, power, and other important information at any time.

Intelligent Self-Heating Function

PowerUrus LifePO4 Self-Heating Battery meets the upgraded self-heating function based on the previous battery. When the charging temperature falls below 37.4°F/3°C, the self-heating function will be automatically activated. The heating will stop when the temperature reaches 60.8°F/16°C, and then the battery will be normally charged. No fear of winter coming!

Battery Charge & Discharge Protection

PowerUrus Batteries Built-in smart BMS prevents charging over 131 °F (55 °C), less than 32 °F (0 °C) and also prevents discharging over 140 °F (60 °C), less than -4 °F (-20 °C).

5-Year Warranty & Timely Service

PowerUrus provides a 5-year warranty for our batteries. We're struggling to provide the safest batteries and the most professional service to every customer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Widely Uses

Widely used in most areas such as motorized wheelchairs, RV/trailers, Boats, Yacht, trolling motors, Solar power, Emergency Backup power, Solar off-grid Systems and more.

Capacity Expansion For Every Need

PowerUrus LiFePO4 battery with auto-balancing function can be connected in parallel and in series for larger capacity and voltage. Max 4 batteries connection in series or 4 batteries in parallels. so you can have more flexibility in getting a DIY battery system to cover all your needs.

Built-in BMS & Big-brand New A+ Cell

With our proprietary Battery Management System (BMS), the PowerUrus LiFePO4 battery has built-in BMS to protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate. The upgraded auto-balancing technique improves the battery life, backing up that all batteries deliver life cycles 3500+ (70% DoD), minimum 5-year life span.

High-quality Batteries Are Assured For Customers

PowerUru's original factory deep cycle lithium-ion battery has higher energy density, more stable performance and greater power. LiFepo4 battery will not burn when overcharged, over-discharged, overcurrent or short circuit, and can withstand high temperatures without decomposition. Our LiFepo4 batteries a green battery, it does not contain any heavy metals or rare metals and is more environmentally friendly.

U.S. Based Warehouses & Fast Delivery

The orders can be shipped within 24 hours after the payment is successful. We provide fast delivery for the battery will be shipped from our local warehouses in California and Georgia and the customers are expected to receive the battery within 3-5 working days. The actual logistics time is determined by the inventory of the nearest warehouse, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Attention Please:

This battery is NOT suitable for use as a starter battery for cars.

 Model S12200A S12100H S12200H
 Nominal Voltage 12V 12.8V 12.8V
 Capacity 200 Ah, 2560Wh 100Ah @ 1C 200Ah @ 1C
 Life Cycles >3500 @ 70% DOD
 BMS Board Yes (Internal)
 BMS Rating 200A BMS 100A BMS 200A BMS
 Mechanical Performance
 Cell Type Grade A LiFePO4 Cells (Prismatic Cell)
 Number of Cells 8 4 8
 Terminal M8*12mm (L)
 Weight 63lb (28.5kg) 13KG /28.2LB 27.5KG / 60.5LB
 Dimensions 20.66in x 9.57in x 8.72in
(524.8mm x243mm x 221.5 mm)
13×6.8×8.46 IN
(330x173×215 MM)

 Waterproof Rating IP65
 Charge Performance
 Max Charge Current 200A 100A 200A
 Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4V-14.6V
 Maximum Batteries in   Serious 4 (get higher voltage to 24V, 36V, 48V)
 Maximum Configuration 4S1P/1S4P/2S2P
 Discharge Performance
 Max Discharge Current 250A 120A 250A
 Recommended Discharge     Voltage 10.8V-12.4V
 Max Depth of Discharge   (DoD) 100%
 Temperature Performance
 Operating Temperature   (Charge) 0℃~55℃ (32℉~131℉) ≦113°F/45°C /45-85% RH
 Operating   Temperature (Discharge) -20℃~55℃ (-4℉~140℉) 4~131°F/-20~55°C /45-85% RH
 Operating Temperature   (Storage) -20℃~55℃ (-4℉~140℉) 1- Month: -4~113°F/-20~55°C 1-Year: 32~95°F/0~35°C

PowerUrus knows well that fast delivery is a key factor for clients to compete in the market. We have always attached great importance to quick delivery as much as we do in the quality control of our lithium battery

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If you have any questions, please notify us via the following email address:hello@powerurus.com

Q: Can the PowerUrus LiFePo4 battery be used as a starting battery for a car?

A: No. PowerUrus LiFePO4 lithium batteries are energy storage batteries and cannot be used as starting batteries, please do not use them to start any equipment.

Q: How many batteries can the PowerUrus LiFePo4 battery be connected in series or parallel?

A: PowerUrus LiFePo4 batteries can connect up to 4 batteries in series or parallel, but it is worth noting that PowerUrus LiFePo4 batteries cannot be connected in series and parallel at the same time.

Q: Are PowerUrus LiFePo4 batteries suitable for trolling motors?

A: We recommend a 12V 100ah battery for trolling motors of 30-70 pounds. If you have any questions about trolling motors, please contact us via email: hello@powerurus.com and we will answer your questions.

Q:Do all versions of PowerUrus LiFePo4 batteries have Bluetooth functionality?

A: Yes. Both the standard and heated versions of the PowerUrus LiFePo4 battery have Bluetooth functionality.

Q: Can the standard version of the PowerUrus LiFePo4 battery be used in series or parallel with the heated version?

A: No. We do not recommend using the standard and heated versions in series or parallel at the same time, as this can cause problems with the battery.

Q: How does the PowerUrus LiFePo4 battery connect to Bluetooth?

A: First, use an Android or iPhone phone to download the "Roypow Fish" app, then open the phone's permissions to the "Roypow Fish" app, turn on Bluetooth, open the APP, enter the list of batteries to be connected, and select the corresponding battery model to connect. Click "Skip" to skip this step and finally connect the battery successfully.

Q: How to solve the problem after the "undervoltage protection" prompt appears on the PowerUrus LiFePo4 battery?

A: When the "undervoltage protection" prompt appears, you should continue to charge the battery. The "undervoltage protection" will be released after the battery is fully charged. If the battery still does not release protection after charging, please contact us via email: hello@powerurus.com and we will solve the problem for you.

Q: Why is the battery voltage too low when used for the first time?

A: Due to logistics restrictions, the battery has only 25~30% SOC before leaving the factory. We recommend that the battery be fully charged before use, and the battery voltage will return to normal.

Q: How do I charge my LiFePo4 battery?

A: Use the PowerUrus charger to charge the battery. When using other chargers or smart chargers, please adjust the charging parameters to LiFePo4 battery mode. If you are not sure whether the battery you are using is compatible with LiFePo4 batteries, please contact us via email: hello@powerurus.com and we will solve the problem for you.

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